RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

How often do you shave your legs? What kind of razor do you use? Do you use shaving gel, an intuition type thing that has a gel type cartridge, soap?

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In the summer, I shave my legs every other day and under my arms every day. It is a must when you venture to the pool almost every day. Biggrin In the winter, I shave my legs whenever I have to wear capri pants for my workout gear. Lol Otherwise, I am like a Wookie in the winter. You need hair to stay warm, right? I do shave under my arms and other areas much more often in the winter. I use Skintimate shave gel and a Venus razor. I have dreamed of laser hair removal for my underarms, but cannot bring myself to spend the money. I have a feeling it is money well spent though. Hmmm....

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Underarms every shower. Legs in the winter, when I get annoyed by them or DH says something. Lol In the summer I shave my legs regularly (every 2-3 days). Thankfully my leg hair is blond, so it's not very noticeable.
I either use skintimate and venus or intuition. Depends on which combo is cheaper when I need replacement heads.

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I shave every shower, daily in the summer. I have dark hair, so its very noticeable. I use intuition.