RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

What is the busiest month for you when it comes to birthday's etc for your extended family and friends? Have you changed anything about how you acknowledge these special days since having children?

Where do we all stand with nieces/nephews? How many do you have?

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Birthdays, for us are pretty spread out. I can't think of one month that is much busier than the other. Although, my BIL, SIL and I have a birthday within a week of eachother. But it doesn't make anything difficult. If a party is not being held, we generally go out for dinner with the Birthday person.

I have 3 nephews from my oldest sister who are 14, 11, and 9. And, a 5 month old niece from my BIL.

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We are pretty spread out. June is the busiest, with Alicia, DH and father's day all in a week. We have another cluster with DJ and my sister in October. Dad and myself in April. So yeah, pretty spread out. We haven't really changed anything about how we celebrate, we still get together as close to the actual date as possible. As for nieces/nephews none so far. My sister has had two rounds of IVF, haven't heard the official results of the last one, but I'm assuming it didn't work since I haven't heard from her other than a brisk - I'm fine email. DH's brother is childless by choice and intends to remain that way.


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Honestly I have no idea what the busiest month is for birthdays for extended family. We don't celebrate birthdays between the siblings on DH's side, not even for their kids. I have 5 nephews from that side. I rather like the lack of celebration. Makes life easier on everyone since we're scattered over the whole world.

The busiest month for our little family is November because it has DS's birthday, DH's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and hopefully a new baby birth day!

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Between all of our families, we are busy with birthdays between September and January, with November being the busiest month. Let's see...

September: My dad and BIL
October: My hubby and MIL
November: Me, BIL, SIL, Niece, the twinkles -- My BIL, SIL and myself are all within days of each other. BIL is 11/10, I am 11/12 and SIL is 11/15. My BIL and SIL are married, so they celebrate their birthdays within 5 days of each other.
January: Isaiah

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April is busy! My birthday and Alison's...and since I make a big deal with her parties I am busy! I only have one niece and her is in July and we always have a family dinner.

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We don't really have a busy month due to birthdays. We are all pretty spread out. We do seem to be busy with seasonal stuff from October through New Years. I've noticed over the past few years that every weekend during these months are jam packed with things going on. Although, with kids, it seems that every month is getting busier and busier with extra activities, etc...

I have 5 nephews/ nieces Smile

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We've got lots in March, but it doesn't make us too busy. My brother, nephew, BIL, aunt, grma&grpa anniversary, and each of our fathers birthdays. We don't get together with everyone - and usually do a little birthday celebration for the march/april birthdays together w/Easter.

I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew - all on dh's side. Another one on the way (not sure boy/girl yet!).