RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

Let's talk pajama's! What do you like to sleep in? What are your favorite type to lounge in? Where do you typically buy yours? Would you say you have to many or a normal amount?

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Sleeping: A tank top and a pair of pj's bottoms. I can't stand having long sleeves when I sleep because I end up way too hot, so the tank top works great.

Lounging: I have a pair of old yoga pants that are about to fall apart, but I love them. So comfy! My friend told me that if I ever where them out of the house she is going to call the "What Not to Wear" people. HAHA!

Shopping: I usually just get mine at Target or sometimes JC Penney.

Too many or just enough: I think I have just the right amount. I do need to get some new ones for Summer that are light weight.

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I sleep in the nude. We started this after getting married. Lol

However, I have tons of PJs that I lounge around in. Way more than one person needs. I mostly use pants or shorts that I've bought from Kohl's or Old Navy. I pair up with t-shirts that are from random places - like all those weird free t-shirts or shirts my mom gave me that I would never wear out of the house.

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Julie, are you a mind reader? My plan for today was to go pajama shopping! Funny! Wink

I use to sleep Naked too, but now with DH gone all the time, and the kids waking up through the night, I wear pajama pants (or capris) and whatever old t-shirt. I like to have my feet covered, but sometime in the night I kick off my socks. Then my feet get cold, so I tuck them into my pants. I don't know how I do it, but I get holes in the calves of my pants (probably from digging my heels into them?) So now I need all new jammies.

I have no idea where I'm going to shop for them at. Probably Target. I might check out Old Navy or Kohls too.

For lounging, I generally wear my workout clothes or yoga pants to the gym. If I don't really have other plans for the day, I just hang out in them as long as they are not too sweaty. If I'm dressed and change into lounge clothes, I just put on jammies.

I have less jammies than the average person. I only have 2 pairs of bottoms. Hopefully after today, I'll have more that are actually cute.

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I tend to wear a tank top and comfy yoga pants or sweatpants. Sometimes, I wear long sleeves in the winter and shorts in the summer. No socks. I cannot stand socks. No naked sleeping. Too many little eyes, especially an 8-year-old who walks into my room most mornings to wake me up. Plus, I get cold, so sleeping nude would not really work for me. Lol

I think I do not really have enough dedicated sleepwear, but I also really don't want to spend the money on it. Biggrin

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"melnzai" wrote:

. No socks. I cannot stand socks. No naked sleeping. Too many little eyes. Lol

Agreed! To both points. No socks, no naked!

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In the summer I sleep naked or in a really light gown. I keep an old x-large T-shirt on the back of the door in case the kids wake up. The gate is still across their door, so they never wander in Smile In the winter I sleep in the top of the flannel pj's. I use the bottoms for lounging before bed or in the morning. I have several pairs of yoga pants that I tend to wear on weekends. After dinner most nights I get into my jammies...that is my lounge wear. I used to have tons of jammies...when I was nursing I needed at least one pair a night b/c I would soak them in my sleep, but now I have 3 pairs that are decent. I need to get some new ones in the fall. I usually get them at Old Navy or Walmart. I try to find the cotton ones, like t-shirt material, as I LOVE them best. Ah, I'm such a jammie girl, DH thinks its hilarious.