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RQOTD: Tuesday

What kind of pets do you have? Do you want more? Less? What will be the next pet you own?

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I have 2 dogs, a Rottweiler and a Boxer.

I would love to have a horse again, but the kids just aren't at a good age for that to happen.

Our next pet will be a German Shepard. They are great dogs. Sadly our Rottie is getting up there in age. She is 8, which is pretty old for a Rottweiler. I feel a lot safer with her around with how much G travels. So I would want another dog that can protect us before she goes.

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Our cat passed away last year and ever since then my allergies to pets have increased significantly. Whenever I'm around animal fur, my allergies go crazy. So, unless we get a pet without fur, we won't be getting anymore pets.

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We have two dogs. Beastie who is an English Mastiff/Black Lab mix and we have Bailey, a Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. We also have to black cats Buster and Mew.

Once the dogs go, it will be awhile before we get any more. I love the dogs but they are a lot of work!!!

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We have 2 cats. We will likely get a dog again in a couple of years. I love dogs and think kids should grow up with one...but I don't want to potty train any more people right now, lol! I am not sure on the kind...DH wants a weimeraner, I prefer a golden retriever or bouvier. We shall see. I am pretty open...as long as its not reptilian, I am fine with it. I've had dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and fish. I am pretty open to getting the kids pets.


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We have one cat. He is a very needy cat. He really isn't a good fit for us with all the moving and traveling we do. He just doesn't do well with all of those changes. Sad
I wouldn't mind having another cat, one that is more cat-like and less desperate. But not unless our current cat isn't with us. DH wants a dog but that's just too much extra work for me because it's not like DH will be home enough to care for it.