RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

What's the last item you purchased for yourself, just because? When was it?

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I read this question earlier and didn't respond because I couldn't remember the last thing I bought for myself, just because. I've bought two pair of shorts, but that is b/c I was not fitting into anything that was not maternity and I didn't want to wear maternity clothes b/c the panels are annoying and the under the belly ones hurt my incision. I went to Ulta recently but only bought myself face lotion and face wash... Not really a "just b/c" sort of purchase. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a new nursing bra but that is b/c my favorite one lost a clasp in the wash. I can't really complain though. I did get a new house recently.

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Ice cream at the store. Ha ha.
Oh! I bought a beginners knitting kit last week and some yarn. I want to learn how to knit wool diapers. So far I've managed to make a bracelet. Lol

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New undies count? Just because...I bought a print for the bedroom a couple of weeks ago.


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Two new bras and some blue nail polish for my toes.