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    Question RQOTD - Wednesday

    How much do you know about your ancestors? Have you made a family tree?

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    It depends on the side. My uncle has completed a family tree on my Dad's side that goes back to the French Revolution. He's even published a book about it. My Mom's side, I know that my second cousin is working on an extensive family tree, but I personally only know as far back as my great-great grandparents.


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    I forget.


    My dad's side is traced back to Italy and then lost. Not very impressive when you consider it was my great grandparents that came over on the boat. I know their names though.

    My grandmother (mom's side) has her family tree figured out really well and has it up in her head. I convinced her to write it all down when I saw her last. She even has a diary of a few greats back when one of our relatives came over from England.

    My grandfather (mom's side) before he died had a book made of that sides genealogy back really dang far. He kept all these records and copies of anything he found when researching. Sadly, when he died his wife of the time refused to hand the records over to anyone in the family because she didn't think that anyone of the future needed to know that stuff. A lot of granddaddy's family owned slaves and such, which while not a proud moment of the family still doesn't mean those records should have been lost. There were a lot of slave names in there which could have helped others figure out their genealogy and family history. There were originals all in that stuff too. Oh well.

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    I know quite about my dad's side. Turtle Mountain Chippewa from North Dakota. My mom's side...well, not really sure about that. HA!
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    My dad can rattle off the last 5 generations off his head. It's to explain all these really distant cousins that we know and grew up with in Vancouver. I'm sure he knows more...we probably should really ask him, he's over 70 now....

    My mom says her dad had the some family tree book, showing their ancestors were somehow connected with some Han emperor in China way back when.

    That's about all I know. I'm urging DH to check out his genealogy tho, I want to know if he is one of the 17 or 34 or whatever original French families (who all have the same family name as DH) that came over from France a long time ago to colonize Canada.
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    We can trace our family on my Dad's side back to Spain- many, many generations ago. My maternal side, I don't know much about. Other than my grandfater was a POW during WW2. He was in the service and his plane was shot down. There is actually a book about his flight crew and them trying to find help in the jungles without getting caught. When my Grandfater was finally rescued he was literally just skin and bones. The pictures we have of his rescue are heartbreaking. He went through a lot of torture, but continued in the service as a interperter and actually went back to Japan-where my Mom spent a lot of her childhood. I cannot imagain how difficult that was on my Grandmother. She was home with 3 kids at the time. My Grandfather was never the same after, and ended up dying of alcoholism when I was little.
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