RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

Where are your washer and dryer in your home? In your basement? In a mudroom? Do you like where they are right now or would you move them if you could?

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They are located in our basement. Our basement is not really a basement because we own a tri-level. So, it is partially submerged. I never know what to call it. We have a laundry room/bathroom. The bathroom is actually separate, but you walk through the laundry room to get to it. I like where they are. I can fold clothes easily while watching TV or while the kids are playing because it is right next to our living room.

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We have a laundry room in our basement. It's a large room. I like that I can shut the door and have everything out of sight. In our currrent house, I like where it's located. But in our future forever home, I'd like it on the main level.

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In the laundry room...seems like a good place for them. Smile

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In the laundry room. I love where they are because the kids' rooms and our room are on opposite sides of the house and the laundry room is in the middle.

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In the kitchen. There are folding doors hiding them at least. I hate the location with a passion. Can't wait to live someplace with a real laundry room again. Since it's in the kitchen it's loud and you can always hear it running which mean no evening laundry because it annoys DH's studying in the dining room.

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LOL Joy!

Ours are downstairs in our utility room. I hate it. Our basement is finished, but that room isn't because there's just too much to go around (utility boxes, water heater, furnace, water softener, etc.). Atleast I can shut the door and not look at it. I wish it were on our main level where the bedrooms are.

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Ours is right off the kitchen between that room and the garage. You walk through it to get from your car into the house. I don't mind where it is but I would probably prefer to have it in a larger room somewhere else that no one would ever see. Right now on laundry days my kitchen floor gets covered with clothes while I separate.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

I wish it were on our main level where the bedrooms are.

I always think this, and then I hear the jeans (or anything with buttons) rattle around in the dryer. Lol I have a feeling that would keep me awake at night.

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In the garage and I hate it. I am hoping we can build on a laundry room some day.

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We have two sets, a full size in our unfinished basement and an apartment size in our sunroom. I don't like the basement ones. Apparently the family that lived here before us, they were getting rather elderly and put the upstairs set in to save doing the stairs. I have plans on either putting a full size in the sun room or putting a full size stackable in the guest room closet, both on the main floor and off the kitchen. I considered the upstairs bath, but my real estate agent advised against upstairs laundry. That renovation is a year or two away, so for now we do DJ's laundry in the sunroom and the rest in the basement. He has his own special soap etc as he has bad eczema.