RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

Which day is garbage pickup for you? How much do you generally have? Do you have more than one recycling bin? Who takes the garbage to the curb?

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Today is garbage day and recycling day for us (my kids favorite day of the week!)
Recycling pick up is every other Wednesday.

If we composted, we'd have maybe half a bag of garbage a week, but DH puts the grass clippings in the trash too- so it makes up a full bag. Our Recycling bin is one of those large garbage cans with a swinging lid on it. We fill that up every 2 weeks. I wish we could reduce our usage, but DH drinks almost a gallon of milk a day when he is home, so those milk jugs and his coke cans make up at least half of our recycling.

I generally take the garbage out, since DH is not home often. But when he is, I delegate the task to him.

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Our day is Monday. Recycling is every other week and is one of those gigantic bins like Amber's. We fill it full every time because in Austin you can recycle pretty much everything and you can mix it all together. We have about one bag of garbage every week.
I take it out because DH is pretty much always on a trip on Sunday nights.

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We don't have curb side recycling here.

Trash day is Tues and Fri and we usually have 1- 2 bags each time.

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Tuesday. We have one small garbage can, 2 recycling cans, and 3 yard waste bins (1 acre makes a lot of yard waste). We usually have at least one of each out on the curb.

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Wednesdays. We usually have 2 large recycling bins (papers and plastics/cans), a yard waste/compost bin and a large garbage bag. Diapers and 3 cats equals lots of garbage! Garbage collection/disposal and retrieval of the bins is one of DH's chores.


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Now that we moved into the townhouse...we can drop off garbage every day to the big community trash compactor. I love it!!!

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Yesterday, Tuesday, was garbage day. Usually DH does it, but he's gone this week. Our can is never full unless we've forgotten to put it out on the curb for 3-4 weeks. We don't have all that much trash, usually just 1 bag a week. Although now that we're prepping for a move, we'll have a fuller can as I go through my fits of "everything must go!" lol
Today was recycle day. We have two recycling cans they give us that have 5 smaller bins in them for you to separate the types out into. They come by every week, but we only put it out every other week when they're both full.