RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

How much Halloween candy do you have left in your house and how much have you had to eat?

Also - did you do any special/fun baking for Halloween?

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No candy here. I felt like Jordan was a little young to go trick or treating this year. She wouldn't have been able to eat most of the candy and I certainly didn't need a big bag of candy sitting around.

I do not bake often but maybe the cooler weather will inspire me soon.

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We have a few random suckers and whatnot left. I am not a big candy eater unless it is really good chocolate so I have not had any.

As far as baking goes, I am not one for following directions so I do not really do any baking. You kind of have to pay attention to a recipe to bake and I am just not into that! HAHA! I leave all the baking to my mom-a-law.

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We still have a lot. And last night, I ate a lot. :oops: I still feel sick this morning. It is leaving our house today! As soon as I get the energy to battle this snow storm we're having.

I heard that Americans spend 2.3 billion dollars on Halloween Candy this year. That made me sad. I cannot believe we are so wasteful with junk food. Sad

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We don't have a ton. And this morning I tried to get some to bring to work to eat and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it - that's like....HUGE for me. LOL

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We have the kids bags, which we are slowly parcelling out to them. For left-overs, we have about 20 mini-chocolate bars left. I had 3 yesterday at lunch and about 4 after dinner last night. Didn't bring any today...the idea makes me kinda sick at the moment. As for baking, I made pumpkin cream cheese muffins on the weekend and put hallowe'en decorations on top...does that count? I do sooo much for Xmas that I haven't really gotten into hallowe'en baking yet. My mom did some cookies too, so we have those and I didn't want to OD on sugar in October.


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Miles got about 40 pieces of candy, lots of suckers & m&m's. Dh and I have been eating the rest, so there's not much left except the gross things.

As for Halloween baking, Miles and I made pumpkin sugar cookie cut-outs a couple weeks ago. They were gone long before Halloween. Biggrin

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I have no clue. Isaiah is at an age where he ToT'ed for quite a while. He had quite a bit of candy between my DH's work and the houses we hit. I have had many fun size candy bars the past two days. None yet today though. I just cannot bring myself to touch it right now. I am sure I will be inspired again soon though. Biggrin

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We didn't buy any Halloween candy to hand out and Aiden didn't go trick-or-treating (we were out of town). I did make Halloween cupcakes, rolled sugar cookies, and a few more things at our friend's house for a Halloween party (we were visiting them).

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We have 1/2 of a jumbo bag left. We missed a lot of the tot'ers as we both took the boys out. I've had a handful of the candy...

As far as baking... we made/decorated cookies with the boys this past weekend. That was fun. Earlier in the month we made apple pies, apple crisp and had caramel apples after a day trip to the apple orchards. YUM!