RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

What do you normally wear on a daily basis when it comes to jewelry?

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I am very boring when it comes to jewelry unless we are going out someplace. But just for every day and at work I wear my wedding band and diamond studs in my ears.

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Same here. I wear my wedding ring and maybe some studs. Occasionally I wear one additional ring.

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I wear my e-ring and wedding band, a small right hand ring with a teeny tiny diamond on it. My diamond stud earrings and a small diamond necklace with 3 stones on it (the lady at the jewerly store says it reminds her of a snowman).

Sometimes I switch out the necklace for something more fun if I'm going out.

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My wedding set, earrings, and recently a necklace that has pilots wings on it (gift from DH when he graduated).

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I wear my wedding ring, but not my e-ring (it gets stuck in gloves), earrings and a necklace most days. On a day-to-day basis I switch my necklace between one that was my grammas and a diamond heart that DH gave me. Earring wise, I ususally wear something sparkly and swingy...I love earrings.


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I wear stud earrings, my wedding ring when I'm not pregnant, and a almost always a necklace that goes with whatever I'm wearing.

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Nothing. Since being pregnant, I haven't even wore my wedding ring on a regular basis. I'm a very boring girlie girl.