RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

What was for dinner last night? Who cooked? When was the last time you went out to eat with dh by yourself?

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Last night was Bunco (dice game that I play once a month) so it was potluck dinner with all the girls! Fun and yum! The big hit was this macaroni and cheese that one of the gals made. Fantastic.

Let's see...the last time DH and I went out to dinner alone? Hmmm...would probably be when we were in Reno with his parents. They watched Alison and do you know where we went? The most romantic restaurant. It was called McDonald's. Wow. Living the life right there. HAHA!

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Ha Kristi...Micky D'S Smile

I was last last night so DH made spaghetti and a salad. The last time we went out to eat alone...at least a year ago.


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Last night we had Andrew's favorite meal. "Hot chicken" or Chick-fil-a, as it's better known. Plus birthday cake- Boston cream pie! yum!

It's been a month or two since DH and I ate alone. Oh, wait! It was the night of the couch destuffing. Although, we were out with freinds, not alone. Alone was probably a few weeks before that.

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last night we had leftover enchiladas. Not sure what we'll do tonight!

The last time we went out to eat was end of October. We ate at Old Chicago.

LOL Kristi...McD's. That is my kind of date!

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Last night I made hamburger helper, corn and corn bread - it was really good! LOL

The last time we ate out alone was Monday when we went to Luby's (its cafeteria style food) after our doctor appts. We can usually get away to be alone whenever because my mom always wants to keep Deacon. However, that may end soon if she is watching 2 kids.

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We had some weird form of Jambalaya. My mom bought me some mix thing from when she had visited new orleans. It was good, just different than anything else I've had before like that.

And food with DH without Aiden.....hmmmm....last April or maybe it was March a couple babysat for DH and I so we could grab a late lunch/early dinner meal. I had a hamburger and fries. lol.

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We went out for Thai food last night. Yum! I had a red curry with chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and snow peas.

The last time we went out for dinner together was our anniversary in July. We did go out for drinks on my birthday though.

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