RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

Is this week between Christmas and New Years different than normal for you? If you work outside the home do you have extra time off? Does your dh have extra time off? If so, what are you doing with it?

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This year it is. DH actually took this week off. BUT unfortunately we are all sick. Sad I hope we feel better so we can acutually do something fun or productive with his time off.

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Amber, I hope you all feel better soon!

I'm always off this week and it's always the same.... Busy with appointments and cleaning. I try to cram in all of our dr's/dental appts during my break. I also spend what time I can picking up/ organizing new Christmas toys and begin the long process of taking down the Christmas decor. Fun, fun. I am bummed that we are missing a bowl parade today, that is one thing I like to do during this week...hopefully next year!

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DH doesn't have to go in at all this week, but he is. He's going in for just 4 or so hours a day to study, get simulation flights in, and to work out while he does have the time. Nothing different going on this week even though DH is around more. Just means I get a shower in the morning as opposed to during Aiden's afternoon nap. lol.

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The only thing different for us is that I'm not in school and Daphne's birthday is tomorrow (party on Friday), so I've been working on that.