RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

Yup. Another spin off from the makeover thread. Perhaps I'm stretching it. :bigwink:

If you were to plan a makeover for a friend how would you go about doing so? What would their day look like? (Do you know of a friend you would choose?)

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I would probably pair it with their birthday and take them shopping for a new outfit, then to a spa for hair and makeup.

I don't have any friends that would need one. All my friends are annyoingly fashionable and beautiful (they would probably send me in their plae! lol) I would love to do that for my sister though. She has had a lot of trouble finding a job lately and could use some pampering.

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I would do something similar. I would book a day at a spa and then take them shopping for a new outfit. I've also heard that at the high end mall by my house you can hire a personal shopper for an hour or two and they will take you shopping...that might be fun. I'm assuming there is no budget involved, lol. I would probably send my sister too, not that she's not stylish, but with everything going on in her life, she could use the TLC.


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I would make a big day out of it. Lunch somewhere with wine, spa, mani/pedis. The friend that I would take does not really need a make-over but does need some pampering. So it would be nice to have a girls day with her.