RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

If we were to peek into your fridge right now, what sorts of food would we find? What kinds of leftovers?

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I made tortilla soup last night so that is in there. We have the basics: milk, cheese, fruits, veggies. There is a big jar of habenero pickles that my friend made...so yummy. Other than that, the basic stuff I guess. Nothing too exciting. I like keeping my fridge clean so there are no random bowls with unknown contents! HA!

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Right now my fridge is stocked with things to make it easier for my Dad while we're in Mexico (we leave tomorrow!) Fruits, veggies, apple sause, lots of yogurt, milk, eggs, extra bread. I've been making freezer meals so they can just warm things up and not have to cook dinners.

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Went grocery shopping yesterday. There's lots of leftover ham in there, the leftover makings for zucchini and chicken quesadillas (last night's dinner), supplies to make ground beef stroganoff (tonight's dinner), and basics of eggs, milk, butter, etc.

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DH went to the grocery store last night, so the fridge is pretty full (all of the basics... milk, bread, yogurt, fruit, etc..)

As far as leftovers... I have about 3 dozen boiled eggs (will be making egg salad today) and a little bit of left over ham and lamb from Easter.

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We have a lot of the basics also...milk, yogurt, fruit, veggies, juice... Our leftovers are pork chops and some sweet potatoes.

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Oh yeah...forgot to add prune juice. We always have prune juice in the fridge since Alison has to have some every day.

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We have the basics, which includes lots of yogurt for DH (Greek) and Jordan (yo baby). Applesauce, cheese, milk, etc. There is leftover garlic lime chicken from tonight that will be used on tomorrow's apple and chicken quesadillas. Oh, and pickles for me. Wink