RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

What do you do when you can't sleep?

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Depends on how much energy I have. Sometimes I clean or sew. Others I watch T.V and play on the computer or read.

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I usually just turn on the TV and crochet.

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I usually try to lay there a while. I will think of my favorite movie and play it in my head. Sometimes that helps clear my head so that I can relax. If I get bored enough then I will play some games on my phone.

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Sometimes I'll just lay there. Other times I'll get on my phone and play games or I'll get on the iPad and read.

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Can't sleep? This hasn't happened to me in oh, about 8 months. Smile I think I've had about 11 hours of sleep in the last three days combined. I could sleep standing up.

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Today I've been up since 3:30 and I feel like I might be able to sleep standing up, too. But if I can't sleep and it's because of insomnia I tend to go on the computer or watch tv after many attempts to fall back asleep. That way I'm nice and ready to crash just as I have to get up. Ugh.