RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

How long is your current to-do list? Do you actually make lists of things you need to do? At home are there certain chores you do daily and others you do once a week? For those that work outside the home do you find yourself bringing work home with you to do at night?

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Yes. Yes. and Yes.

My to do list is currently pretty long. Of course with little ones, there are many chores I have to do pretty much daily. And as far as work goes, I can never seem to get away from it! There is always something that has to get done.

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My to do list is scary. I have a list of my lists. I keep them all in my phone and shared with my tablet. I have a work list (with separate lists), a house list, a garden list, a kid list and a personal list. Oh, and shopping list that links all of those organized by store. Its kind of sad, but it keeps me sane.

At home we daily do dishes, laundry, sweep and wipe down the bath. Beds, laundry away, toy pick up etc are standard too. DH waters the gardens and I try to do 20 minutes of trimming/weeding every night after dinner while the kids run around the back yard. We clean the bathrooms, kitchen, living areas and bedrooms weekly. I do not bring work home at night. I make a point of it. Before I had kids I did, but I think that when they are small, I need to be with them until they go to sleep, and then I have my daily chores/renos that have to be done. I will likely start doing some work again when they are more grown, but will play it by ear based on needs at the time. I really like leaving work at work.


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Oh boy. My to do list overwhelms me right now! I'm too afraid to make one list and have like 10 mini lists so it doesn't seem so bad. And none of these involve day to day chores.
I used to have a detailed list for each day for cleaning and I stuck with it. Right now not so much. I'm going on survival and doing what I can when I can.

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Right now I don't really have one. I make one when we have a lot going on, or if I'm planning something (like a birthday party or other event). I've just been doing cleaning as I see what needs to be done and as I have the time (so don't look at our bathroom if you come to our house, lol). The only thing I can think of that needs to get done soon is to have dh lower Vivi's crib. Everything else, if it doesn't get done, oh well. Wink I figure as long as the kids are happy and taken care of, my to-do's can wait. I guess I do need to go get some groceries on Friday. Biggrin

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I have a lot of stuff I want to do, but nothing in a certain time frame.

Right now I need/want to:
-Get a rug for the living room AND eat in part of our kitchen. We had our floors refinished, so rugs are high on the list.
-Paint the interior of our front door and the garage door. (probably will do today)
-Finish our sideyards in the backyard.
-Finish painting the house exterior.