RQOTD - Wednesday

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RQOTD - Wednesday

Do you still use a regular desk or wall calendar in your home? What do you use them for and what rooms are they in?

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Sort of. I have a monthly wipe-off calendar on the fridge. I keep it all in the google calendar, but since we're a hands-free house, I find I need the calendar on the fridge for reminders of when we are booked for things.


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I buy a cheap calendar at the beginning of each year. I tear the month out that we're on, and that's on the fridge. I have the next 1-2 months clipped in back of that so I can write things like weddings, reunions, etc and can look ahead when I need to.

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Nope. I have a little 1 sheet photo calander that I keep on my fridge. It came free when I ordered some pictures. I never use it though, I just refer to my phone.

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I have a dry-erase board on the fridge that I put important stuff to remember. Otherwise, everything I do is online.

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I have a wall calendar that was a giveaway at a Chargers game hanging in my closet. I put our appointments on this calendar as well as on the calendar in my phone.

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We have one calendar hanging up. It's one of those kid color ones that my mom gave Aiden for Christmas last year. Nothing is written on it. I'm lucky to remember to turn it to the next month. I plan to eventually get a kid friendly reusable one of some kind, but we're no where near calendar stuff right now.
Everything is kept up through iCal on my phone and computer. They update through iCloud, so no issues ever forgetting anything. I seriously put everything in it and even set alarms and reminders.