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Thread: RQOTD - Wednesday and Thursday...

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    Default RQOTD - Wednesday and Thursday...

    Sorry about yesterday! I could not for the life of me get preg.org to open on my laptop at home yesterday. But I am back in the office so here are two fabulous (well, maybe not fabulous) but two questions!

    1. Do you ever have scary or recurring dreams? What are they about?

    2. What would be your super power?


    1. I do have horrible dreams sometimes. Mostly involving my ex because he was horrible. I have dreams that he comes and tries to take Alison away even though we were divorced years before she even came along and I have not seen him in years. It is still scary.

    2. I would love to be able to fly. After sitting in traffic the last few night. Flying would be so much easier.
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    1.) No. I used to when I was a teenager, but haven't in a long time. I don't think I get enough solid sleep in a row to have a dream (or nightmare) these days, lol.

    2.) I would love to snap my fingers and my house would be clean.

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    Kristi, sorry about your scary dream!

    1. Yes, I have recurring dreams about fires in the house and another one that is about travelling and meeting someone who matters very much to me but who I haven't seen in 20 years or so.
    2. I'd like speed. Yes, I'd like to be able to accomplish what I need to do, much much faster to have more time to do what I WANT to do


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    1. Do you ever have scary or recurring dreams? What are they about? Nope. I rarely remember any dreams.

    2. What would be your super power? I *think* I would like he ability to hear peoples thoughts. Or ,maybe to have a great skill in running,or horse backriding , Or to be able to grant my own wishes, or to teleport!

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