RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

How often do you drink pop? What is your favorite kind?

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Almost never. But the few times a year I do have it, I like Vanilla cokes. Made at home with real vanilla and real coke.

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Well, I drink soda water continuously, I don't like still water.
I drink diet coke at work sometimes when I need a boost and can't handle more coffee.
That's about it.

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One can every afternoon - usually Dr Pepper, Cherry Coke or Pepsi.

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I have a soda maybe once a month? It might be once every two months. If I do have one then it is usually a vanilla coke from Sonic. I would like to try making them at home but I don't remember the last time I purchased any to have around the house.

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Usually, just once a week. With SoCo mixed in (Dr Pepper). Usually Friday night after DS is finally asleep. lol.

I've lost count of how many sodas (with alcohol) I've had tonight. But I'll start a new thread about that. :mrgreen:

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I prefer pepsi over coke. And I like pepsi throwback (natural sugar). That being said if I've grabbed fast food coke seems to do just fine. Smile I used to drink more soda than I do. There was a time I had one a day but now that I need more caffeine in the morning I'm drinking less soda. I'd say maybe 2x a week.

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When I hear "pop", I can't help but smile. I used to get funny looks when I referred to "pop" when I moved to CA. Out here everyone calls it soda.

I never drink it. Pre-TTC, I'd have 1 every once in awhile, but I haven't had one in years and have no interest in having one now.

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I have maybe one a month? Usually a Coke. I prefer the taste of Diet Coke, but I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners. We don't buy it, so if I have it, it's at a restaurant.