RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

How to you check your weather? Turn on the tv in the morning? Radio? Computer? Phone?

For other news - where do you get your local news from? Newspaper? TV? Radio? Online?

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By looking out the window. LOL. If we're getting ready to go somewhere I might step outside to see how cool/hot it really is. If I want to plan for later I call our local "time & temp" phone number.

For local news, we buy our town's newspaper every week.

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I check the weather with my Weather Channel app on my phone. I read the local newspaper online. Biggrin

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The weather is usually the radio on the drive into work. But since I live in the Pacific NW and have my whole life I can pretty much say that it will most likely rain! HA!!

As far as news goes, I always check online when I get to work.

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I use a local News website. I also like to put on the News morning show in the morning.

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I read the morning paper. If I need a longer forecast I check the weather network.


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I check a weather app I have. However, we have been in a drought all year so I can pretty much guarantee it will be hot, humid and no rain.

I get all my news from FB...if its interesting enough I'll look up my local news station website.

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I get weather from my phone (weather.com app). I check it maybe once a week to know if it's going to be hot or surface of the sun. lol.

I don't pay attention to local news. If there's anything important that I need to know about Del Rio, I'll get an email through the base wives' email groups.

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I'll watch the news after the boys are in bed or sometimes I'll look it up online.

For local news, I will watch the local news.