RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

What is your cleaning routine like? What are things that you do on a daily basis? What do you do every couple days or so? And how about more like once a week?

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My schedule right now is that I don't have one. If something gets bad enough and it affects Aiden (like the floors, dusting, etc) then I'll do it when I notice it. Our house is a mess as we attempt to separate it out into two piles (one for us to move and live with for 3 months, one for the military to move which we won't see till the end of March). I have DH for one more week and then he's gone and not coming back till the day before we move.
Normally I have a schedule of what I do on which day of the week (loosely based on FlyLady). Everyday I did wipe down the bathrooms and toilet, once a week scrub the shower well, twice a week I did floors, and each day of the week a different room of the house got attention (so Tuesdays were Aiden's room and I dusted it, wiped down knobs, blinds etc, sorted toys, did his laundry, and so forth). Every time I move though I redo my schedule. If I don't stick to a written routine things get out of hand and this way company is always able to drop by unannounced.

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Sort of, being a working Mom, it can vary depending on my energy level and committments outside of the house.

Generally every night after dinner I clean up the kitchen, sweep the floors and do a 10 minute toy run. Daily routines also include wiping the bathroom counter and toilet down (I do that while my makeup sets before I "finish" in the bathroom) and folding/putting away laundry. I try to make beds before I leave for work...but this can not get done depending on DH's schedule as well.

Friday nights are grocery shopping and washing floors. Saturday morning I dust and wipe down woodwork while the kids watch cartoons. Sundays I do the bathrooms and kitchen while the kids nap...I do the shower while I'm in there. The kids help to sort out the toy room on the weekend, whenever we get to it. Other stuff gets done as I get to it. I try to focus on one room a month...so one month the closets get cleaned out, curtains washed, extra stuff done in each room as I get to it. Priorities change the room of the month...


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I clean up the kitchen every day and I usually spend my evenings picking stuff up or moving it around, not really cleaning just straightening up. The cleaning service does all the rest.

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Cleaning routine?

I clean what's needed. I do the bathrooms once a week, and the kitchen table once a day, but besides that, I just feel like I'm cleaning constantly. We live right next to a farm and our house is constantly filled with dust. Plus, I'm always cleaning the front of my house/office more when people come over to pick up pictures.

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I do the kitchen and pick up clutter every day. I used to have certain days for certain things, but these days, I do it when I have the energy. Since we've had visitors every single weekend for the last 3 weeks, I've been rushing around on Fridays lately to get things clean. Laundry is ongoing...

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Cleaning? What is cleaning? Lol As a working mom with a part-time group exercise job, if I really cleaned the way I want, I would never see my family or I would never sleep. Neither is really an option. ROFL

I clean the kitchen everyday as best as I can with two tornadoes whirling around incessently. I vacuum when I can, sweep the floors (other than the kitchen) about once a week, clean the shower while I shower, and the rest gets done when someone can do it. I need a cleaning service, but I am not ready to spend the money. Soon, I hope. Biggrin

Right now, we are getting to the apocalypse with laundry. All of our baskets are overflowing. I have had the energy to do towels and Isaiah's jeans this week. I must try to sort clothes and get a load in tonight. Yikes! I am usually better about it, but I have been exhausted this week.

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"melnzai" wrote:

Yikes! I am usually better about it, but I have been exhausted this week.

I figured out why I was so exhausted. I ended up with some mild bug on Saturday. Sad No wonder why I was too tired to clean last week. Boo!

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Melanie- Sorry you weren't feeling well.

I clean the kitchen everyday and try to do it after every meal, but some days I'm lazier than others.

Other than that, I do things as they start to bug me.
-I vacuum once or twice a week, depending on how bad my allergies are.
-Dusting is when someone is coming over or I'm super bored, or my allergies get to me.
-I sweep the hardwood when I vacuum.
-I mop the hardwood almost never. Generally I just spot clean what looks dirty. (with 2 big dogs and 2 toddlers, I need to be better about this)
-The bathrooms get done once a week, but I try to keep the counters clean after using them.
-Laundry is just about every day. And with G traveling so much, I actually have to do it. Sad

I find if my kitchen and my bathrooms are clean- it doesn't matter too much that my living room is littered with toys and books.