RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

How do you store your photos after you take them off your camera? Do you organize them in a certain way? How often do you print photos?

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I rarely print photos. I only get photos printed off as I need them for specific purposes.
I use iPhoto on the computer and it automatically separates photos by event when uploaded, so all I have to do is label the event. We do have them backed up automatically.

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I keep all our photos on the computer, which is double backed up by 2 hard drives. I use to seperate them all by the event and cross refenence them by the child and the age of that child. Now, I'm lazy and I just make big folders. "Winter 2012" "Spring 2012" "Summer 2012" and "Fall 2012". I also have folders for trips and events. Like we have a camping folder. When we go on new trips, I make a new folder within the Camping one and title it with the place we stay and the date. I have soooo many folders!

I rarely print pictures. Just ones that I have a purpose for. Most of our professional pictures from the last 2 years I have not even printed. I want to do that, as soon as I figure out how I want to display them.

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I keep them on my computer at home and my computer at work and also move them to discs. And I print pictures all the time!

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I organize by month. I try to download all the pics each month and use month and year to date them. I learned the hard way when I made a scapbook of pictures for DH of his daughters and our pictures were a disorganized mess. They are mostly on my computer at home but I back up to an external hard drive and DVDs too. I only print pics when I need them too, mostly I order them online through Walmart if I need them asap or snapfish if I can wait.


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I have monthly folders and inside each month, I list each day individually. I save them to my external hard drive, upload them to a photo site, and also save them to a CD/DVD. I print my favorites and keep them in an album. I don't think I will do this forever...but while my boys are still so young, I do. I also make photo books online for certain holidays. Lately, I've been making photobooks for Christmas, Halloween, spring/Easter, and one for each of the boys birthday parties.

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I need to organize them. Soon. And print some of my favorites. They are just uploaded into my picture folder and titled whatever the event was or just the date for everyday pictures. If I don't have them elsewhere then I usually keep them on my camera until I know I have them saved in two different spots. I have 1982 pictures on my camera so yeah... :eekout:

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Who has the time to organize photos? Not me. Ha! We just uploaded pictures off our camara from this summer to this past week. Thank goodness for iPhoto. At least it organizes by event date. We do have them backed up though. I haven't printed photos since June, I think? That was to create a Father's Day gift for Craig. I need to get in and upload and print pictures of Isaiah, then I will have to do it again for the girls. I need to have hard copies of my favorite prints.