RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

How are you hoping to celebrate Mother's Day?

I hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day!

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We're headed to the beach tomorrow (just for the day)! I'm excited! Nothing planned for Sunday. DH will probably go in to work for 4-6 hours I'm sure.

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I'm not sure... the last couple years I've slept in while DH took the kids to pick up cinnamon rolls, coffee and our annuals to plant. I really enjoy that, but this year Ava has swim class at 9 am, so no sleeping in for me. Then it's suppose to rain all day, so no planting, and I have to work that evening. So we'll just play it by ear.

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I've hinted (bluntly) about breakfast in bed. I think I did the same last year without any luck. Maybe this year is the year?

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LOL - I hope so, Kayla.

At this moment there aren't any plans for Sunday. I'm sure I'll be at my Dad's at some point and I'll visit my grandmother. MIL is coming tmrw morning for a few hours.

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Our friend Liam and his parents are visiting because he's receiving his PhD and they're staying with us for the graduation ceremony. His parents are taking us to breakfast and then heading to the airport. Later in the day we're going to shop for a hammock for the back yard, that's what I asked for. Smile