RQOTD - weekend edition...

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RQOTD - weekend edition...

What do you see your kids growing up to be??

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I think Alicia will be a teacher. I think DJ will be either an engineer or a surgeon. He loves to take things apart! Cassondra is done, she's in food service. Lexi wants to be a nurse and I can see that. Portia is totally undecided....I think she will take a non-traditional path - I can see her as an automechanic or a DJ...she's very active and very non-traditional.


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Hmmm. I'm not really sure. I think Miles will be a Train Conductor. Or maybe a food critic. Wink Not sure about Vivian! Biggrin

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Something that will probably give me heart attacks like his daddy. Blum 3

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Ashley - I like the food critic thought.

Matthew will be my food critic based on how he is these days. Michael maybe something with trains or something with technology. He loves tech toys!

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We joke that Daphne will be an astronaut or a pilot like Daddy. She loves to go faster, higher, scarier. Nothing scares her and she loves rides. She also really loves art and to write, so maybe an author/illustrator?

Baby Mac...hmm, I have no idea, but he's super easy going and smiley, so probably some time of service job.