RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

Does your child(ren) have something that they're REALLY into? A certain type of toy? Character?

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Alison must always have one of her babies with her. She carries them around in a blanket or puts them in the little stroller. She has to take on every where! Heaven help us if we ever lost one somewhere. ACK!

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Water! Baths, pools, splash pools, sprinklers, the sink...doesn't matter, he'll have fun!
He has also recently fallen in love with his new kitchen set. It's gotten at least 2 hours of play every day since we got it. Yesterday he even borrowed a rag to wipe it all down! Lol

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Miles is still really into his Thomas trains. He has a TON of them and can name them all -- even the ones he doesn't have. Trains are overtaking our downstairs.

Vivian...she's into her pacifier. She's recently become obsessed with it.

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Ava is princess obsessed. She LOVES them.

Andrew isn't eally into anything yet. He likes trains, trash trucks and planes but he is not over the top about them.

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Jake is currently into good guys/ bad guys.... all of the superheroes, star wars, etc.

Trevor is into anything his brother is into Smile

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Michael is also into his Thomas trains. Like Miles he can name them all. If I file for bankruptcy I'm going to blame Thomas. Wink

Matthew is really into food. He'd eat non-stop if I let him! He loves cars, trains, books. Loves hiding on people right now and trying to scare them.

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Alicia is very into princesses. DJ is into trains. He's not particular about Thomas, but they have to connect magnetically or he gets really frustrated.