RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

What style of diaper bag do you carry? (Link us if you're able!)

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I carry a Ju Ju Be Quick. It holds a cloth diaper, my wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, 2 envirosax rolled up, and a ziplock with wipes. I love it because I can hook it to all of my baby carriers, so I stay hands free.

I do keep a small backpack in the car at all times with more stuff, but I pretty much never carry it.

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I don't really carry one anymore. I did just have a simple one from Eddie Bauer. But now I just keep wipes in my purse and toss in a diaper. I do keep a change of clothes for her in the car all the time, just in case.

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I use an oversized purse. Works great for my wallet, phone, camera, snacks, a couple of diapers and wipes.

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None! :woohoo:

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I carry an old Eddie Bauer backpack. I cannot wait to be free of it. However, with two kiddos the same age, I need something to carry their sippy cups and snacks to the Y. Plus, we are slowly working on potty training, but aren't there yet. So, I have to have pull ups with me. I pray for the day when I am free of diapers and carrying a diaper bag that weighs more than one of my two-year-old twins! Lol

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I have a Vera Bradley bag in the car with supplies in case I need them. Otherwise I have an oversized purse and I'll throw in drinks/snacks if we are just running somewhere for a bit. I notice I use the diaper bag most when we go somewhere for a few hours plus. Tried to find the Vera Bradley pattern but couldn't on their site. Think it was called green cupcake or something like that.

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None! DJ recently potty trained. I keep a change of clothes in the car and we have a thing of wipes in there too. Otherwise, the kids have small bags that they carry with a sippy cup, snack and whichever toy they MUST take when we go out. They stay in the car if shopping etc. We just use a cooler or a backpack for daytrips.