RQOTD - Weekend Edition

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RQOTD - Weekend Edition

Tell us something new/what's going on with each member of your family!

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1. DH - still training through December. The USAF is done being dumb to him (updated in chat thread). He has no life outside of training unless you include me making him read my highlighted selections from an Ina May book. Lol
2. Aiden - he's saying "okay!" a lot now and the kid can spot an airplane way faster than I can. lol. He's doing better about putting himself to sleep in his toddler bed rather than the floor (after you leave him in his room, he likes to get up and "read" for awhile). He's a huge climber right now and will use anything he can find to scale up to the kitchen counters to get stuff out of the upper cabinets. He's grabbed the sugar container twice and dumped out all the sugar. Fun times. Blum 3
3. Me - 31 weeks pregnant currently. I'm actually feeling pretty good - still on a high today from a great yesterday! I cleaned a lot, went shopping, and then wore DS on my back for over 2 hours last night at the base club. The only thing that bothered me in the end was my feet! I do have bad days, but I think they're mainly due to her position. Whenever she's breech (she's doing some flipping still) my hips start to kill me fast. Blum 3 Now that I know we're staying here I'm going to start working on decorating Aiden's big boy room and Zoe's nursery.

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I have nothing new going on...just planning a baby shower for my sister (Sept 30) and now one for my BFF who just adopted - the shower will be in November.
DH is loving having mornings to himself.
DJ started preschool...most of the time he likes it.
Alicia started JK...loves every second!


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Jackie, that is crazy about Aiden! I thought Jordan was a bit of a climber but it's nothing like that.

Me - Something new? I can't think of anything. That's kind of sad. I need to work on getting my house organized. Nora's room is a catch all for stuff that doesn't have a place yet. She has NO furniture! Pretty soon I want to start working on her room for when I decide I can stand for her to be that far away from me.
DH - He's about to attend his 15th high school reunion. The kiddos and I are staying home since I don't really feel like traveling with the girls just yet.
Jordan - She is becoming more and more of a caretaker to Nora. She kisses her and tells her it's okay when she cries. She helps get things for me when I'm nursing or brings me a clean diaper for Nora. She loves to help snap the diapers too.
Nora - Tonight she giggled for the first time. At first I thought I was mistaken but then she did it again and again and I laughed back. It was the most adorable thing ever.