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Signing Time fans!

Anybody have a copy of Baby Signing Time vol. 1 and ready to part with it? I'm looking to buy one used...let me know if you're ready to sell it, I could paypal or mail you a check! Biggrin

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My girls love Signing Time, but we do not own any DVDs. I need to invest in some.

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I want their Potty Time DVD! I know DS would love them all, but we don't have a one. I keep hoping they'll show up on BabySteals or similar again.

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We're not ready to part with ours yet, but Amazon is a good place to buy used. We have several used Signing Time DVDs from there.

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I still do not own any. I should have bought some a long time ago but Jordan doesn't really watch TV for very long. (I guess that is a good thing?) I have checked them out from the library quite a few times.

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I'm not ready to part with mine, either. Trevor is doing great with signing and is now asking for the DVD's. Like Jordan, Trevor doesn't watch TV really, but I put it on in the background and he likes to dance to the music - lol. He will look up once in awhile and seems to have picked up quite a few signs from it!

In the meantime, i agree with checking out availability at the library or you could also check out clips on youtube.