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Silly kids

Andrew is just full of cuteness lately. the other day our new dog knocked him down. Andew didn't fall hard, but he cried and cried and cried for attention. I was talking to him about how it's okay to be sad that Charlie pushed him, but Andew was not hurt and he did not need to carry on like that. He looked at me and showed me his tears and said, "My feelings are falling down." Aawwwwww! I melted.

He also likes to call his shirt buttons "Belly Buttons". It makes me smile every time.

And I love how he says, "Yes me do!" instead of yes, I do. I stop other people from correting him because it's just too cute. Smile

I have a video of Ava mispronouncing words. She says Hamdenburger for Hamburger, Tungle for tunnel and another one that I've aleady forgot because she says it corectly now. I'm glad I got it all on video. I'll have to post it next time I'm not being too lazy to do so.

What do your kids say tha makes you smile?

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Awwww! That is the sweetest about his feelings.

Miles has been pushing Vivian lately. Not hard, but enough that she falls down. I said (well, probably yelled...) "Miles, DO NOT push your sister!" He said "But that's my job." I suppose as her brother, he's kind of I can't think of other recent hilarious things but they happen often!

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Sounds like Miles is trying to toughen up poor Vivi. lol!

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Too cute!

Aiden finally called me mama a couple of days ago! He came running into the living room towards me yelling "Mama! Mama!" I was sooo happy. I picked him up and told him how much I love that he called me mama finally. His response? "Boob."

Yep, the kid will only call me mama now when he wants to nurse. Blum 3

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Yes, Amber, share that video!

I love how Matthew calls me "Mom." His little voice is so cute. He has only called me mommy a handful of times. Just went straight to mom. And if I'm doing something with Michael real quick or if Michael is playing and I'm taking care of something and he is looking for someone Matthew yells: "GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL Not even sure where he heard that.

Michael says some things that completely crack me up but I can't think of them at the moment. Yesterday he told me that he was glad it was Halloween but that he couldn't wait until the next day so he could start to get ready for Santa.

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How do I even decide what to post. My girls do a lot of cute things (and some not so cute things, but those need not be mentioned). Smile Keira really loved TorTing last night. She told me that she wanted "more trick-or-treat" after me left each house, and probably would have stayed out until hypothermia set in if she had it her way. Sarafina sings "Old MacDonald had a Farm" almost every night in her crib.

As for Isaiah, he just makes me proud everyday. He is so sweet and kind. I think he believes that is a weakness, but I try to really reinforce it because it will be his strength as an adult.