Stained Glass

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Stained Glass

Do you like stained glass? Do you have any stained glass windows in your house? Care to share a picture? If you like stained glass and were to get a window what design do you like?

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I think stained glass is pretty, but I do not have any in my house. I kind of see it as very formal and I do not have anything formal in my house at all. Smile

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Yes, I like it. In fact, I make it Smile I have no stained glass windows in my house...haven't had time since we moved in and pretty much immediately had kids..but we do have several panels and a few "suncatchers". Someday I'll have more time for it again.


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I appreciate the art of stained glass, some of it is pretty amazing, but it is NMS and I do not have any in my home.

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Don't have any. Love it in the right place though!

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Stained glass is pretty, but I do not have any in my home. I do have 4 leaded glass windows which I love.

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