Summer update--LONG

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Summer update--LONG

Here is an update. I copied some of it from an update thread on the multiples board.

Keira now weighs 22 pounds and is my spirited one. She is slowly trying to become a climber and I found her in the middle of our kitchen table yesterday. She figured out how to get on the chair and climb onto the table. Whew, she gives me a run for my money most days. I am not sure how many words she has because we have some articulation issues that might need to be addressed. I have been working with her some at home. Sometimes, she is perfectly clear and at other times she says gibberish. For example, she can say"bubble," "I want that" or "I don't know" clearly, but blanket is "dankda." I am trying not to worry about her speech articulation, but she does forget to add a lot of ending sounds to her words. So, up is /uh/ and down is /dow/. She does have many multiple word phrases and sentences though. I just have to really listen to her to catch it. I talked to her ped about it at her 18 month checkup, but he wasn't ready to refer her just yet. I am just not really sure how normal or abnormal it is given the wide spectrum of "normal" for speech development. Keira is also a real spitfire. Talk about terrible two tantrums. Yowza. She will take it to almost vomiting when she is really mad. It creates many moments where I have to walk away and completely ignore her for both of our sakes. One, she needs to completely extinguish this behavior, so I must not reinforce it. Two, I need to get away to calm myself down. Yikes!

Sarafina weighs 19 pounds. She is my petite one. She is also my little gentle soul. She is sensitive and caring. She is my worrier as well. Where Keira plunges ahead and tackles new things head on, Sarafina panics. It took us two months to get her to go down the stairs on her belly by herself, she must hold our hand in the baby pool, and any loud noise will cause her to cry and cling to me or someone else. She does not really have any desire to be independent. If she could get someone to carry her and feed her all day, she would be in heaven. She begs my friends to pick her up and carry her around. She attempts to get people to feed her a sippy cup like a bottle. So, I often have to really be aware of what she is doing and encourage independence. She is also extremely stubborn and will dig in her heels if she doesn't want to do something. She is my car seat, booster seat fighter if she doesn't want to be in them. Thankfully, that is not often. As for vocabulary, Sarafina is much more articulate than Keira. I say she probably has 20-50 words and many multiple word phrases. Those are not as clear, but I tend to understand what she is trying to say. Her favorite phrase is "thank you."

Both of my girls know almost all animal sounds and like to sign. I have not taught them many signs, but they do know the following: more, eat, drink, milk, shoes, socks, bird, fish, frog, and flower. There may be a few more, but I cannot remember right now.

The girls love playing with each other, when they are not fighting over toys. Our new game is a version of tag. They chase each other laughing all over. Too cute.

We are working with the girls on fine motor skills. Keira is more advanced than Sarafina. Sarafina is a lefty (that is our suspicion right now anyway) and is trying to figure out how that works in a house full of rightys! We are planning to buy an easel (mostly for Sarafina) to encourage coloring and fine motor skills. Keira can already feed herself with a fork and a spoon and hold a crayon with a tripod grasp instead of a full fist. Sarafina struggles with utensils and is so delicate with her crayons that sometimes she cannot press hard enough to get color on the page. She holds it way up high with three fingers at the top (or would that be bottom?) of the crayon. She tries a palmar grasp, but struggles with that since she is left-handed and I can never figure out how to help her! I might be requesting another OT eval if I cannot help her figure this out.

My DS started second grade yesterday. How did that happen? It sounds like he had a good day. I pray we have a great year this year. Isaiah is my super social kid. He does not know a stranger and would sit and talk to someone all day if he was allowed. So, we often have complaints about socializing during instruction. Honestly, I don't know a fix for it. We have talked to him about it. I cannot put a behavior plan in place unless the teacher wants one and I am not going to tell the teacher what to do. That is one of the hazards of my profession. I often have great ideas on how to help the teacher with Isaiah in school, but there is a fine line between parent and professional there. So we often have discussions with Isaiah about waiting until recess and lunch to socialize, but he struggles with it. He is getting ready to start gymnastics next Monday and was on our pool's swim team this summer. He loved swim team. If only we could get him to focus on swimming faster instead of looking at the crowd. HA! Socializing strikes again. I even have a video of him waving at me mid-stroke during an event. If socializing is his worst problem, I think that is just fine. It will serve him well in life later. long as he realizes that he can only socialize so much at work, right? Biggrin

I think that is it for now.

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Andrew is the perfect mix of your two girls. He is also a climber, and anytime I turn my back, he's on a table or moving furniture around to climb up something. He also LOVES to have people feed him. He tried to pull the same sippy cup trick Sarafina does. :rolleyes: Andrew doesn't have many words either- at his 18 month appointment he had 2 going in 'Momma and Dadda' and picked up a third while we were there 'No' (ha!) They wanted him to have at least 8, but said they would also give him a few months to get them. He also just makes sounds, so instead of 'bye' he says 'Baa!' I know what he wants from his verbal and Signing, but they are so muddled I don't think anyone else could figure it out.

I hope your son has a good school year. It's so hard for kids to control their impulses. Hopefully now that he's a little older he can control talking to his neighbors a little better. And I agree, for problems to have, much better to have a friendly kiddo than a kid who isolates himself. Smile

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Geesh, you sound busy!

I have a friend w/a little girl the same age as your girls and her speech sounds right on track with your girls' (not finishing many words, but saying some short sentences that are more clear).

I agree, if socializing is the worst of the teacher's complaints, that's not so bad! Hopefully now that he's getting a little older it will be easier for him to control that. It seems crazy he has already started another school year!

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2nd grade! Yes, how did that happen? I bet Keira is fine. I had M evaluated a few weeks ago because most of his words are missing a syllable or two. (look into this in your area if you are worried or just want confirmation) M did not qualify and he was 26 months old. It sounds like her climbing tables and stuff Wink is showing that her energy is front and vocab is hanging around on the back burner because she is so busy.

I cannot believe those girls are going to be 2 soon!

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It's always interesting to me how different twins usually are from each other...yours sound like total opposites!

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Thanks for the update! It sounds like things are going well for the most part! Our profession has so many pro's/con's as a parent...although it's great that you about the process to seek out the resources if they become necessary.
Good luck with the start of the school year! I hope your DS enjoys 2nd grade!