Teacher gifts?

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Teacher gifts?

Can anyone suggest good teacher gifts for Christmas? I don't want to be totally cheap, but money is pretty tight right now. I need to buy for a total of 4 teachers (3 infant & J's preschool teacher). Any thoughts?

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My SIL teaches 1st grade and gets so many bath items and classroom stuff that she has a closet full of it at home. I would go with edible stuff...gourmet coffee or chocolate maybe? Or giftcards are even better. Starbucks, a local nail place, a nearby breakfast restaurant etc.

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I was going to suggest Starbucks, too. I think coffee or chocolate is a great idea.

Or you could buy mugs and put tea in them or some sort of wrapped candy and then wrap them in the clear cellophane wrap with bows on them.

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Have you checked Pinterest? I think Kelly has a bunch of them really cute and cleaver teacher gifts pinned. I see a bunch of ideas all over Pinterest, and it makes me want the kids to go to school so I can make some.

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Honestly, some of the best gifts I've ever gotten as a teacher were the ones that didn't cost very much but were very unique.
I've gotten a movie night basket (a plastic bowl, some microwave popcorn, movie theater boxed candies, two 20oz pops and a $5 GC to blockbuster which probably totaled less than $5, not including the card..you could easily buy a big thing of popcorn, etc and just split it up).
I got a dinner in a bag....spaghetti sauce, a box of noodles, a bag of bakery bread, a small thing of parm. cheese, some red and white checked napkins and I feel like there was something else, but I don't remember.
I've also just gotten small bags full of mixed chocolate candies (very much appreciated!).

Ditto the pintrest suggestion, they have a lot of stuff on there that you can do en masse for multiple people.

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We always get gift cards. It is something they will definitely appreciate. This way, you are not giving them food like candy that they may not want. I know a lot of teachers appreciate the thought, but do not want more candles or bath items. Many really do appreciate the gift cards though. We tend to go with Starbucks.

I always think handmade gifts are nice, but really...what will teachers do with all of those years down the road. I usually have Isaiah make a handmade card though. I think those are always nice and they can just recycle them when they want.

This reminds me that I better start budgeting for teachers and the secretary at work. Yikes!

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I completely agree about the gift cards. My sister and good friend are teachers and the gift cards are usually their favorite. That way they can spend it over time on things they want or need. You could pick from all kinds of places and I bet they would be happy.

I also agree to avoid bath items. I've been given lots of lotions and body wash that they couldn't use due to allergies.

If you want to do a personal gift then an ornament would be good. I had teachers that had small trees in the classroom. (One year we actually had a full sized tree!)

ETA: Mandie's ideas are cute too!

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I love this (and would have loved getting it as a teacher!) and want to do this year.


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Great ideas! Thanks!!