There's No Place Like Home

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There's No Place Like Home

Nora has been home for about 24 hours now. Biggrin Nursing is going smoothly which I'm so happy about. Bonding and nursing were two main motivators for me these last 2 weeks. When I was discharged, I was able to spend 9 to 10 hours a day at the hospital, thanks to my husband who was so supportive of me being with Nora as much as possible. DH actually went back to work today and I'm surprised at how smoothly things have gone. Of course, newborns are easy so I know I need to enjoy things while they are still relatively relaxed.

Jordan is all about Nora right now. She has been wanting to help with diaper changes, wants to hold her, tells me where to lay her, etc. I'm so excited that they have each other. I'm also so much more aware of how fast they grow up so I feel this need to soak it all in this time around. Especially since I now feel, more than ever, that I do not need to get pregnant again. That is not the easiest thing to accept but so many people told me that I was lucky that I stayed pregnant as long as I did when they found out I have a bicornuate uterus. I'm so glad that Nora was born healthy but having a NICU baby was still emotional. Leaving her at the hospital every night was really difficult. I think getting pregnant again would be taking a big risk.

On a side note, we have entered into a contract on a house. We are still in the option period but that runs out tomorrow. Our tentative closing date is July 5th. I still can't believe we were signing papers for a contract with a baby in the NICU. Pretty soon we will be boxing things up and moving. Crazy! I've been so focused on Nora that I haven't even really had time to process it all. (For those of you who remember the two houses we were looking at, we chose the newer one without foundation issues but without the lovely yard.)

Sorry if these haven't resized yet. Photobucket was being glitchy.

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Congratulations, Kayla! Nora is simply beautiful. I love her adorable little cheeks! And the picture of Nora & Jordan is priceless. Very sweet!

"Kayla1981" wrote:

I'm also so much more aware of how fast they grow up so I feel this need to soak it all in this time around. Especially since I now feel, more than ever, that I do not need to get pregnant again.

I completely understand this as these were my feelings 20 months ago. Do take advantage of and treasure every moment! They do grow up too fast, but the fun doesn't stop just because they are getting older! Smile

And congratulations on the home! It sounds like life will get a little hectic for you during your packing/ moving/ unpacking process, but it will only be temporary and so worth it in the end! I'm excited for you with all of these new / wonderful changes in your life!

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YAY for being home!!! I'm so glad to hear that Jordan has been really helpful so far. Hope she keeps that up for ya!
Congrats on being close to having a new house.
Nora is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Smile

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OMG too cute!!! tfs those beautiful pics!! welcome home and happy to hear that things are going so smoothly!!!

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I'm so glad to hear you are all home and together. Smile I love that Jordan is adjusting to being a big sister so well. Sounds like she loves NOra already. Smile

Congrats on the house! That's exciting. New baby, new home. Is your current home still on the market or is that under contract as well?

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She is so sweet, Kayla! I'm so glad you're all under one roof now. I know that you're pumped about the new house, but please take it easy on the lifting until 6 weeks post partum, young lady!

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Welcome home, Nora!!! So glad to hear you're all home & settling in and that Jordan is being a great helper!!! Nora looks so sweet - I love the one of J holding her. She looks so proud!

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Nora is so beautiful! And what a proud big sister Jordan is! Congratulations! So glad Nora is home! Congrats on your new house, too! Lots of exciting news in your world!

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I am glad that everything seems to be going so well and that Nora is home. She is beautiful. I hope that all goes well with buying a new home. Just remember that moving and having a baby are two big stressors. So, take some deep breaths. Smile

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