Third Birthday Party

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Third Birthday Party

The girls' third birthday is in November, and I am trying to decide if we should have a party. I am not a big party person. I hate planning them and I hate the stress and chaos before the actual event. I love that Isaiah can invite a few friends and we can now have the themed parties like bowling and swimming. I hate hosting parties at my house. It is not my thing. However, the girls do have friends and they are already planning their birthday cakes. Of course, they think it is their birthday everyday. Mickey Mouse and friends seem to be their theme right now. S wants a Daisy cake and K switches between Donald and Minnie Mouse. Biggrin So, what ideas do you have for me?

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Aw, you need to do a party, especially since the girls are looking forward to it. What about one of those kid gyms if you don't want to have it at the house. A pizza, couple of cakes and drinks and you are done!


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I'd keep it low key with those that they really want to celebrate it with. Nothing fancy. They'll be happy and you'll have less stress! I was thinking jump/bounce place too. lol

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I'll try to think of a few ideas but can't come up with anything specific at the moment? Are you hoping to have it out or home and keep it low key? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a cute theme! Biggrin

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I would love to have it out of the house, but I am not sure we have anything locally that will be good for some 3-year-olds. Maybe the local children's museum? I need to go look at their website. I was thinking Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Minnie's Bow-Tique as a theme. K loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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How cute that they are planning what they want their bday cakes to be!! Smile We're doing a MMCH theme for T on Sunday.

I like the Children's Museum idea. We have a smaller museum close to us and I've considered having a party there... that would be fun. I'd also consider a small party at my house (J went to a party a few months ago and there were 4 kids total at his friends house, including the bday boy. It was great and the kids had so much fun!). I'd also consider having the party at a park.... some place the kids could run around and play and their parents could hang out to help supervise.... Depending on the time of day, you could offer pizza (we're doing this on Sunday) or if you had a morning party, you could offer breakfast type foods (J went to a party that was mid-morning and they served muffins & fruit... so simple!)

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I can't even believe they're that close to 3...

I like the park idea! If you did it at 2pm or so you wouldn't need to worry about a meal. I'd do light snacks, cake & ice cream and some beverages. The kids could play so you wouldn't have to worry about entertainment.

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I will look into the children's museum. I wish we could have it at the park, but it will be in late November/early December, which means high temps in the 30s (or colder) most days. Sad My kids can never have an outside party unless we celebrate their half birthday.