Two tragedies close to home.

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Two tragedies close to home.

So last week, the shooting at the IHOP in Carson City was 3 miles from my parents house. The man that shot everybody had been in my dad's office a few days before screaming about his property taxes (my dad is the treasurer) because his house was being foreclosed on. Not that I'm glad that the guy shot up a restaurant, but I'm so glad it didn't happen in my dad's office.

Then, yesterday, the horrible crash at the air races. My brother's company had box seats and he'd been there every day of the races so far. Yesterday they gave their box seats to local firemen. Sad The plane crashed either into their box, or right next to it...we're not sure yet. So upsetting, yet we feel so lucky that he wasn't there.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not superstitious or we'd be waiting for bad thing #3 to happen.

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OMG! That is awful and so scary. It makes it much more real when it hits so close to home. I am so happy that your family is safe. I am so sad for the senseless loss in NV. And I am so sad for the families involved in the air races.

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Oh no. Way too close to home. Very scary. :grouphug:

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OMG! Those tragedies are so heartbreaking. How scary they hit so close to home for you. I'm glad you guys are all safe. So sad for the families who have lost loved ones. Sad

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Oh my, those are both so awful! So thankful your family is okay.

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How scary, Joy. Way too close to home on both accounts. :bighug:

What terrible tragedies.

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:bigarmhug: How scary and sad. I am so sorry that it was all so close. That is just heartbreaking. Sad

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Wow Joy, close to home indeed. I'm so glad all of your family is okay. It's so scary when we see how quickly things can turn tragic.

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Wow...scary! :bigarmhug: