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Update... See inside

I met with Isaiah's teacher yesterday. It went well. I left the meeting feeling like we were moving in the right direction. It is not totally where I want it, but it felt so much better than previous meetings. The words that made me view her differently were "intentional praise." I am not really sure why we did not go there in the beginning of the school year, but she did finally say that she wanted to try using intentional praise for Isaiah in the classroom. Well, isn't this what I said at the very first meeting! I told her that Isaiah thrives on praise and positive feedback. She also apologized to me for the incident with gym. I believe she will be apologizing to Isaiah as well. I hope that she learns from that and can see how making assumptions can be a problem.

She also actually smiled a lot, which she has never done before. She didn't seem as rigid or defensive. So, for now, I will be leaving Isaiah in her class and we will see how it goes until May. Isaiah had a great week last week. He seems more relaxed and back to the kid that I know and love so much.

I also got Isaiah's test scores (his school screens students 3 times a year) and his reading scores amazed me. He jumped over 20 points and went from the 68th percentile in the Fall to the 93rd in January. He is reading chapter books that are above his grade level. His writing score was high as well. So proud of him. That is kid we know. Smile Now, to help him with his math. He is just like me. Math just doesn't come as easily.

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I'm so glad to hear that you feel that the outcome was on the positive side of things. I'm glad to hear that she is being receptive to change and positive interventions for Isaiah. The school year is getting so close to the end, it would be ideal if he could end his time in her class on a positive note! And Yahoo for Isaiah's test scores!!! A 20+ point jump is amazing! WTG!

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It sounds like things are headed in the right direction! That is great! Go Isaiah!

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I hope the rest of the school year goes really well for him. Smile

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Awesome awesome news!

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Wow! Great scores, Isaiah! I hope the rest of the school year goes well. So glad this meeting was a good one!

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So glad that things are looking up!