Update on us!

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Update on us!

Hey ladies! Sorry I haven't been around much. I have so much going on atm. We had a great party for Ben. I still am in shock he's one already! We found a great house to rent with a fenced in backyard. It's 5 minutes from my parents and in-laws and 10 minutes from Grace's school. We move in June 2nd. Grace is so excited. She is thrilled we get to take the swing set and sand box with us. She can't wait to start dance again and we plan to have her in summer camp for a few week at her new school. We are planning her birthday party at out new place on June 30th. She wants to try soccer so I'm looking into that for the fall. Here's a few pics of the party and our new place. I hope to be on more after we move. I hope all is well with everyone and miss you guys!

Enjoying his Pooh cake!

DH's cousin made the cake and cupcakes


Our new house!

Nice size yard for this HOA

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Aw! His party looks like it was totally cute! LOVE his shirt. Smile Hope the house works out perfectly for y'all.

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How in the world is he one?! I'm glad he had a great birthday. Cute cake too! Smile Hope life slows down a little for you now that you've moved.

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I think I say this every time but Ben is such a cutie! That was a really cute theme. Am I mistaken or do you have two cakes and cupcakes? Looks like my kind of party. Biggrin Your new house looks very pretty too! I'm glad you came around to update.

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Love the Pooh theme! He is so cute! Congrats on your home too. Can't wait til you are settled and can come by more. GL with the move!

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He is so cute!! I love the cake and cupcakes! Your new home is very pretty. I hope you'll share photos of the inside later! Thanks for coming around, hope life settles down for you soon!

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Look at little Ben! He is so cute!!! And I love the theme! Winnie the Pooh is awesome! Smile Great house! How wonderful is it that you will be so close to the grandparents?? It sounds like Grace is keeping you busy with school, dance, sports and camp! Sounds a lot like what we are doing out here! Thanks for the update!