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    I thought it was Art of Animation, but I didn't want to be wrong. I have been looking at that option. We shall see what we choose to do when we book a vacation. Right now, we can only go in the summers, so we have to plan and budget for the cost of that season. I wish we could go in the Fall. Although, the last time we went in September, we dealt with 9/11 and a tropical storm during our trip. A trip in November or early December would be nice. I cannot take time off work at that time and my DS's school schedule also interferes.

    I think Disney is already a turn off for people that don't want to plan for a vacation. I believe that there are people out there that just book a trip and think they can just be spontaneous everyday. I think that was true back in the 80s and early-mid 90s, but you cannot do that now. You have to be prepared and you have to know what you are doing. Otherwise, you wait for 2 hours to ride the major attractions or you don't get to ride them at all. I mean, who wants to stand in line for hours, when if you plan correctly, you can get on a ride in a matter of 15-20 minutes? On our last trip, we rode Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain (twice), and several other rides (I cannot remember) before 11 am in late June! Why? Because we knew that we needed to get to the park when it opened. Then, we had the rest of the day to just do what we wanted. It makes your trip so much more fun and you get to see so much more.
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    1. Africa - specifically S. Africa
    2. Australia
    3. Disney Cruise
    4. Russia/Sweden/Norway
    5. Costa Rica (again)

    I've been to Europe and Costa Rica and travelled over some of the states as well as most of Canada. I've been to the Grand Canyon (in May -great time!). I've been to Cuba and Florida many times. I want to take the kids to WDW when they are 5 &6. My grandparents used to winter in Florida so I went several times as a child. I went back to Florida in 1998 (yes I'm old) as a grad student on conference and went to one of the parks. So much has changed! When I went, you just went by the seat of your pants. There was no pre-planning, you just showed up and walked around. I'm not sure I'm up to the whole plan every part of my day thing....


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