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Share a picture of you on your wedding day.
How old were you?
What year did you get married?

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I wish I could share a picture, but none of ours are digital and we don't have a scanner anymore.

We were married on August, 8 1998 and I was 23.

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This is one of my favorites. We were married in 2005. I was 23.

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We were married in 2007. I was 28 Smile I REALLY need to put some wedding pictures up in our house!

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We got married in 2004. I was 22 (so young!). This isn't my favorite picture, but it's the only one I have on my computer that shows the front of the dress.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. It was actually a candid shot. Smile

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We got married in 2007 and I was 30. I do not have any wedding pictures scanned at work. I will have to dig some up.

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Hope this works.....

I was 23. DH was 22. We were married November 4, 2006.

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We got married 1/13/06 - I was 25

This is the only one I have on my computer - its with the pastor that married us:

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I don't have any wedding pics scanned. I will try to get one...

I was 23 when I was married on 7/29/2000.

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Love all these pictures! You all are beautiful brides!

I find it funny how many of us were 23 when we got married. That seems so young!

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We were married in 2006. Wait for it---wait for it---I was 23 Smile

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Here you go. I was married July 9, 2005 and I was 32.

And here's a bonus...I got engaged at Niagara Falls, ON. Here's the shot a bystander took at the moment!


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wow! all y'all were young brides! here i come to buck the trend—i got married in 2004 when i was 34 years old. yikes!


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I don't have any digital copies of our wedding photos. I could take a picture of a picture I guess. I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow.

We were married August 3, 2002. I was 21 but Jason was 23!

Joy, my dress was very similar in cut and style to yours!

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Beautiful pictures everyone.

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Well I was married the 1st time when I was almost 20 and the next time I was close to my average age was about 23, lol.