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weekend chat

What are you all up to this weekend?


My parents are coming over either Sat/Sun to watch Miles while we go buy his birthday gift. We're also going to go to dinner while we're out. It will probably be our last outing just the 2 of us before the baby comes...weird.

I also need to finalize what we're having for food at his party...his party is next weekend and I'm slacking.

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We are going to the community garden tomorrow and to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard on Sunday. I also have plans to re-insulate DJ's room and hang the drywall. DH is working midnights, so it will be a busy weekend.


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Ashley, I can't believe how close you are! Your pregnancy is flying by for me. Smile

My MIL is coming tomorrow. We're going to the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) dance party and parade at Central Market on Saturday night...it's a super fun family event with crazy costumes and dance performances. We'll carve pumpkins on Sunday and trick or treat on Monday.

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We are in lower Alabama for the weekend visiting friends of ours. He's finding out his future airframe this afternoon for the Air Force, similar to what DH went through 1.5 months ago. Tomorrow night this couple is throwing a Halloween party. We plan on driving back to TX Sunday, but that might change to Monday depending on how the party goes. lol.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

his party is next weekend and I'm slacking.

Is it Saturday or Sunday? What do you have left to do? What are you serving for food? Is Miles getting excited?

"mommyvolc" wrote:

and to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard on Sunday.

I'd like to work the pumpkin patch into my weekend. Take pictures!

"joysiloo" wrote:

My MIL is coming tomorrow.

How long is she staying?

"alwayssmile" wrote:

We plan on driving back to TX Sunday, but that might change to Monday depending on how the party goes. lol.



FYI Everyone - we already had the first snow of the season here. Brrr.

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We went to my sister's 4D u/s tonight Smile Tomorrow, we have tball, lunch with my MIL and a family Halloween party. Sunday we have another Halloween party. On Monday, the boys have a Halloween parade/party at their school and then trick or treating at night. Smile

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

This weekend was very busy. My parents were in town and Saturday I was in my best friend's wedding. Today we went to a Halloween party at a friend's house and got to spend time with family. It was a fun and busy weekend!

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We actually had a pretty low key weekend. It was nice. We did our usual Y morning on Saturday because I teach Zumba every other Saturday. I had a group exercise instructor meeting after Zumba and went to lunch with another instructor, which was fun. Sunday was church and grocery shopping. We did nothing else and it felt good. The last two weekend were busy with travel, pumpkin farm, and the local Zoo Boo. So, it was nice to just hang out at home.

This past Thursday and Friday were also part of my fall break. So, I got extra time with the girls and got to eat lunch with a friend one day. Biggrin