Weekend Chat!

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Weekend Chat!

What are you all up to this weekend?

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Tonight we are going out to dinner, have not decided where yet though. Maybe Chinese? Tomorrow I am helping my friend move and helping DH clean out our storage unit. No set plans for Sunday yet, probably just going to be a typical Sunday.

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Ava has dance class tomorrow morning, but other than that. No plans.

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Both kids are sick (again!) and Tyson is working. If Daphne feels a little better tonight, I might take her to dance, but I don't want her to get other kids sick, so she probably won't be well enough to go. I've got a bunch of homework to do the next couple of evenings. One of my girlfriends will probably come over to hang out and I'll probably clean the house on Sunday. That's about it.

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Aiden's first birthday party is tomorrow! :party:
Tomorrow morning I'm walking for St Jude Children's Research Hospital with my sister.

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Tonight, H is working until 8. Tomorrow morning we're meeting with the mortgage guy again, tomorrow H is working 3-7, Sunday---idk and Sunday afternoon, H is working 3-7.

We might catch a hockey game.

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I'm hoping we make it to J's T ball game in the morning since it is the last one of the season, but both boys are really sick. J has a bad case of croupe & T has a high fever and is lethargic. J is finally getting his voice back after his breathing treatment at the dr's. But T now has an appt tomorrow to see the doc.

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I hope all of your littles feel better! 'Tis that time of year!

Jackie, I'm looking forward to hearing about Aiden's party! Have fun!!

Today we've got nothing going on. I have one more gift I'd like to get wrapped (our tree is up Blush and there's presents under it already). I need to nag dh about hanging up the blinds in the nursery and he needs to install the carseat.

Tomorrow my parents are coming over to see Miles.

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Joy & Cali - Hope the little ones are feeling better today!

Jackie - Can't wait to hear about Aiden's party!

Not too much going on around here. I'm not feeling so hot today so I'm not getting as much done as I'd like. Ran a quick errand this morning. Haircut tomorrow for M and then hopefully dinner at my Dad's.

Ashley - you should share pics of your tree. Biggrin

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Sorry about the sick kiddos Joy and Cali. Sad

Jackie, you will have to post pics of Aiden's party!

Ashley, I agree that you should share pics. Smile

We don't really have any plans this weekend. Yesterday was the first time I've left the house in a week. I'm feeling slightly better in the nausea department but I've started having sudden attacks that send me running to the bathroom. I'm terrified of it happening in public. Hopefully we will make it to the grocery store to get ingredients for my part in the Thanksgiving feast. Other than that I think we will be taking it easy around the house. It's in some serious need of cleaning.