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weekend chatter

What's everybody up to this weekend?

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I'm really not sure but this morning I rec'd 3 invites. Could potentially become pretty busy.

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Play/dinner date tonight with some girlfriends and their little ones. Breakfast and shopping tomorrow with another friend and her little boy. The rest of the weekend will probably be spent cleaning, packing, getting groceries.

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Nothing. I hope. Smile

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Tonight we are going to dinner for my brother's birthday.

Tomorrow we are enclosing our dining room with a wall and french doors. Then moving 3 rooms around to accommodate Dh's media room and 2 kids rooms.

While the guys are building the wall I am going to the hospital to an Expected Moms expo. They are going to have different parenting classes and booths and giveaways. I'm just going to see what they are offering and if its something I am interested in.

Sunday we will be painting the new wall and hallway.

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Swim lessons were this morning and tonight we will just hang around the house. I checked a movie out from the library so we will see if I can keep DH awake to watch it with me.

Saturday we have someone coming by to look at our shower because it's a nasty mess that I cannot control anymore. I hope we can have it redone soon.

Sunday will probably be a pretty easy going day. Maybe some house cleaning, laundry, etc.

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I've been pretty tired lately and I feel like I've been a crappy, impatient mom. So, I'm going to try really hard to embrace the weekend and enjoy it with Daphne as we don't have much time left with just the two of us. I'm thinking we'll go swimming Saturday morning and to the library in the afternoon. On Sunday morning we'll probably go to the indoor bouncy playground (Sunday mornings are the best because it's not so crowded when everyone's in church!) and maybe to the spray park in the afternoon.

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Well, tonight I went grocery shopping alone while DH did some sanding and dealt with another finger painting mess.

Tomorrow we will put the trim up and hang out with the kids. DH works afternoons this weekend. Sunday, finish up the trim and hopefully paint.


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Jenn - please share progress pictures!

Nicole - WHAT?!?!?!?! AGAIN!?!?!

Joy - that sounds like a fun weekend!

We went to the county fair today. Tomorrow we have a family reunion (my side), and that's all for this weekend.

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Taking Evie out swimming, water park, playground, ride her bike...basically let her play outside as much as possible this weekend.

I want to thoroughly clean the house. Without DD or DH around.

Yeah, exciting. Wink

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We went to my sis's 3D u/s tonight, tomorrow we have tball practice, swim lessons, we're taking J to a kids concert and the rest of the time will be spent looking for a new car.