weekend plans?

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weekend plans?

What are you and your families up to this weekend?

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Can I just say that I am soooooo glad that it is finally FRIDAY!! Yay!!

Tonight is dinner with the in-laws. Tomorrow AM is a playdate and other than that, the weekend will be pretty low key. I like that!!

Totally forgot to add that I will probably be working on my brother's blanket. I am in the middle of three different Christmas presents (crochet) and I had hoped to have my brother's done by Oct. 1st...which is tomorrow. Oops. I should have it done next week though. Smile

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I'm working an event tonight at the church - should be fun. Then we have no plans Saturday and Sunday I am getting my hair done.

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I have to work tonight. Saturday, we're going to lunch with the inlaws, then laying pavers in the backyard (and by we, I mean DH and my BIL). While they're doing that, I'm going to visit with my new niece.

Sunday we might do our family photos, depending on if the photographer can fit us in before I have to go to work.

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This morning DH got his pilot wings and graduated from pilot training. Biggrin Tonight is the formal dinner. Tomorrow is a whole lot of nothing (just hanging out with the ILs who are visiting). Sunday is church followed by driving to San Antonio for DH. He has a quick training there and wants DS and I to come with him since he'll have a lot of downtime.

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Well, Tyson gets home in about 10 minutes and leaves again tomorrow afternoon, so we're going to soak up his presence. Crockpot veggie lasagna tonight for dinner and he'll probably make breakfast tomorrow. Other than eating, we'll watch some tv tonight and I'll get to sleep in tomorrow. That's it.

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We had a jam packed weekend.... sports, bday party, airshow, church, flu shots, football game.... I'm hoping to have a slow day today before gearing up for my work week....