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Weekend Plans

What are yours? Smile

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What are your plans, Julie? Smile

We are planning to get together with friends tomorrow night, as long as everyone stays healthy. Other than that, we do not have big plans. We need to get some cleaning and organizing done. It seems like once the weekend hits, we just want to relax. It is so hard to get motivated to do things around the house, especially in the winter.

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Apparently ice skating. Blum 3 we've had a sleet/snow/freezing rain mix off and on all day here. So we're staying in and doing nothing! Might try to bribe our duplex neighbors with wine to come over and hang out later. Wink

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No plans. I was supposed to watch a friends 2 children all day tomorrow, but we've all been sick this past week so she found someone else. I need to get some groceries at some point.

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I hope you all had a nice weekend! T's sports class was rained out on Sat, so we had some fun indoor playtime and then yesterday we spend the day at Disneyland... can't complain! Smile

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Cali - spending the day at Disneyland sounds like a blast! Melanie - I spent the weekend trying to unpack and get the house settled some more plus normal daily activities that come with two little ones.

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