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Thread: WWYD?

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    Default WWYD?

    Have I asked about this before? If so, I apologize.

    This picture was posted yesterday.


    I've seen at least a handful of pictures like this on her page over the last few months. She is one of those random friends on facebook though so it is a little awkward. We went to school together but probably haven't spoken since elementary. I'm genuinely concerned about the safety of her child so I've posted numerous links about car seat safety. Obviously, it hasn't helped.

    Would you send a message? Is it none of my business? If you would send a message, any tips on how to word it so I can help her with out completely offending her? If I were unknowingly putting Jordan at risk, I hope someone would tell me.
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    I would. But I have a really hard time not getting involved, expecially when it's a safety issue. I would do it over a PM and back it up with some links. I had to do that to my SIL recently with he infant and coats AND Bundle Me in the car seat. She was mad at me for calling her on it, but she has decided not to do research on anything baby realted. Which I feel is really stupid, expecially when it comes to feeding and keeping your child safe. But the Bundle me has since been removed and they now use blankets to keep my little niece warm. So I figure it was worth it to make sure the baby stays safe.

    Even if it wasn't family, I would probably say something. Car seat safey is not widely known, and they'll never know unless they are told.

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    Honestly? I wouldn't say anything via email. I'm the type of person who would say something if I saw it happening in the moment. Not by sending a message via computer.
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    I wouldn't send a message either. That is just me though.
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    I wouldn't say anything either. I guess for me it would have to depend on how close I was to the person, and like Cali said, if I saw it in person. Hopefully they will read the carseat tips you posted and catch on.

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    I forget.


    I would send a link to a news article/site about car seat stuff along with a message about, "hey, I saw this recently and wanted to pass this on!" Yeah, it might be very random to be coming from you, but at least you gave her the information without telling her she's wrong.

    Last week I was told I was "rude" and "have a stick up my ***" because a lady on the FB wives page for our new base posted about turning her 10 month old forward facing and what seat to use for such a small baby. I don't feel sorry about it at all. I shared the law, car-seat.org site, and shared articles about car seat safety. And now I feel really sorry about the babies of the two wives who said things about me. *sigh* Oh well, already knew I was a "bad military wife."

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    I think it is best to go with your gut instinct. If your instinct is telling you to speak up then do so. You might regret not saying something in the end.
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    I would hesitate to say she was doing something wrong by email...but I wouldn't hesitate to send her a direct link by email to a site about car seat safety. I might even go so far as to say...I saw a picture of your little guy in his car seat and thought you might find this link informative about car seat safety.


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