WWYD? Etiquette question

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WWYD? Etiquette question

We were invited to a b-day party for DH's very good friend's 1 yr old. The invitation shows it's a double party with another child we do not know. Would you bring the other child a gift too?

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No, I don't think so. I'm sure the respective friends of each kid will just bring a gift for the kid they know. How odd, I've never been to a double party for kids that weren't related.

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No, I don't think I would buy them a present. I'm sure they would understand.

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I thought it was odd too. Thank for your input. Smile

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That is odd! No, I don't think a gift for the other LO is necessary either.

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No, I would not. Not like 1 year olds actually notice and care. Wink

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I wouldn't either.

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Agree with all the ladies.

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Nope, I wouldn't either. I don't think they would expect you too (or I hope they wouldn't).

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