2+ year graduate checking in

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2+ year graduate checking in

Hi ladies! I know some of you will remember me. I haven't been around much because of the baby. After 5+ years of ttcing, I finally became a mom to a precious baby girl named Penelope Jane on August 8,2012 at 12:49pm! She's such a blessing and I love every minute of being a mom. She just cut her first tooth last weekend. I can't believe how fast she's growing. I know a lot of you have graduated from here as well and I wish all of you the best! Now to share a pic of my baby girl!

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I remember you. Penelope is a doll! Congratulations!

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Awww...she is very cut! Congrats!

I love it when grads come back because I always forget with birth board they went to! Thanks for sharing with us!

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She is absolutely adorable!! Smile I too remember you!

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Oh, I definitely remember you! Smile Congratulations on your precious little girl!!! Smile
She is so adorable!!!

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She is absolutely adorable!!!!!
Well done mama!!