2nd Cancelled IUI

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2nd Cancelled IUI

BFP OPK this AM. Went see RE, started with SA this time. No go, again. We're doing much better with the news this time around. We'll just keep on trying, one way or another, until God decides it's our time. The good news is, we saw some improvements in the numbers--especially the motility (compared to last SA). DH began taking Maca powder, along with all his add'l vitamin/supplements about 1 1/2 months ago... and since it usually takes 3-6 months before seeing results of anything theraputic, our RE doesn't think we need to give up on the IUIs just yet. He did say that the ball is in our court though... DH wants to try IUIs for next few cycles & as long as he is interested in trying SOMETHING, I'm on board. He's not opposed to IVF... And when he decides he's ready to move on, he'll let me know. It's all too new and fragile to him right now and I'm afriad to push anything. Just the fact that he is willing to work toward it is HUGE to me! So in the meantime, lots of BD, fruit/veggie smoothies and tons of supplements!

**Edited to add--I should also mention that I feel this is partially our fault ... We BD last night ... definitely a no-no in our situation ... But I met him at out of town, at his work conference, and we went to a fancy dinner ... and had a few drinks ... and one thing led to another ... you know how that goes! :rolleyes: Whoops!

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Well I'm sorry it didn't work. But maybe your hot romantic date is just what a baby would want to start from!! Good luck honey Smile

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I'm sorry that the IUI didn't happen. I remember all too well that frustration. *Hugs* I am impressed with your RE! He sounds very supportive of supplements etc. As for your romantic night... you have to live and enjoy each other too, its VERY important! I'm glad you two had such a great night!! Biggrin Like Susan said, you just never know what could have happened since the timing was perfect! Stay positive!