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Thread: Advice on Prometrium

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    Default Advice on Prometrium

    I posted in this in the Clomid forum, but hoped I get more response here.

    Has anyone else ever used prometrium (or any other progesterone supplement) during the 2WW??

    I have turned into an evil and all I want to do is DH. My stomach cramps all the time and I'm hungry\tired constantly. I'm only 4dpiui, so I know its the prometrium\hCg trigger.

    Any ideas on how to combat the tiredness and moods? AHHHH - can't live like this for 2 more weeks.
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    I'm sorry i have no experience on this but i did want to send you a huge hug and i hope you feel less crappy soon.
    I am sure some of the other girls may be able to help.
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    Aww, I'm sorry you're not feeling good - that 2WW is killer anyways, let alone when you've got the added side effects from meds plus the heightened stress/anxiety/anticipation following an IUI!!!

    I've never used prometrium - I've used a progesterone cream (not in conjunction w/my IUI's however) & while it helped my girls not be so swollen & sore, it made me feel really moody & cranky..

    I really hope these are GOOD signs for you, tho!!!!! Your body's doing something...... Come on little egg (or eggs, in your case? lol)!!!!

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