AF showed

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AF showed

Oh well, we kinda of tried.

Weight loss news... down 13 lbs but I've gained almost a 1lb and a half in like 2 days. It could be that AF arrived this morning and its water weight because I"ve ben doing the same exact thing as always.

BTW, how can I get rid of my ticker!!!! I can't figure it out. Sad

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Sorry af showed Hun.

Well done on the weight loss!! Good for you!!
Does sound like there's a bit of water retention so don't worry.

As to the ticker.
Go to your signature and you'll see it in type... Just delete and save.

Huge hugs love

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Thinking of you, Marisol.

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:bigarmhug: So sorry, girl Sad :(
I bet the slight weight gain is from water retention - I always weigh more the week before and during AF, then "magically" lose those pounds as my cycle progresses. Way to go, tho!!! You've lost those first 10 lbs which are real stinkers... Smile

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So sorry, Marisol. *Huge hugs*

Congrats on the weight loss! I agree that the gain is very likely AF. I usually gain during that time, too, and then lose again after she's gone.